Why Your Child Needs a Classical Education

Those who think that educational methods created thousands of years ago can be abandoned within one generation obviously disregard that time is the best testing ground, especially when trying to determine human behavior. It has only taken 50 years for lawmakers and educators to disband an educational system that took over 2,000 years to purify and institute. This was first developed in ancient Greece and Rome. By the 16th century, it was used through the Western world.

This educational system produced some of the finest thinkers and leaders between the 10th and 19th centuries. Most of the Founding Fathers of America were educated with this system. Can you think of any other time period where there was more progress in science, philosophy, art, and literature? For real meaning in learning to occur, more than just fact needs to be taught. True education occurs when a learner is able to develop thinking and articulate their ideas through clear argument and persuasion.

Classical education is one of the greatest means to develop children’s minds. It is no wonder that classical education schools are popping up all over the nation. It offers many things are becoming lost in other forms of education, such as rigorous academic standards, order and discipline, and the arts.

The greatest task in education is to teach students how to truly learn. The influence of “progressive” teaching and performance-based learning methods make it difficult for children to acquire the mental control that they would receive in traditional methods. It helps children develop independent learning skills on the foundation of language, logic, and concrete facts. It is clear what a classical education can do for a student when he/she is able to apply his/her knowledge through logic, reason, and clear expression.

Classical education goes beyond the facts that need to be learned. This teaching method helps children develop the skills that essential in higher education and in daily life. Some of these skills include independent learning, critical thinking, logical analysis, and a love for learning. In an ever-changing world, these skills will never grow out of style.