Tips on Effectively Negotiating Child Support Payments

Going through a divorce is something no one wants to experience. In some instances, a divorce is the best thing for all parties involved. If there are children involved, a person will have to figure out whether or not they want to get full or part-time Child custody.

Once the custody situation is handled, both parties will need to think about what type of child support needs to be paid. If at all possible, settling this type of matter in mediation is a good idea due to the issues it can help both parties to avoid. The following are some of the things a person needs to think about when trying negotiate child support payments.

Gathering All Financial Records and Paperwork

If a person is going in for a mediation session regarding child support, they will need to gather up financial records. Lawyers on both sides will want to see what the financial situation of each party is in order to come up with a reasonable figure for child support. A person will need to bring in things like their bank statements and tax documents.

The lawyers on both sides may also ask their clients to bring in paycheck stubs for the last few months. Once all of this information is compiled, a person can get a better idea of how much they will have to pay in child support.

Don’t Forget the Little Details

As child support payments are being calculated, a person will need to inform lawyers on both sides of important details regarding what they pay for. If a parent pays for health insurance for a child, it will usually be deducted from their child support.

Leaving out these details may lead to a person paying more than they need to in child support. Both parties involved in these negotiations will need to remain calm and collected. Having former spouses screaming at each other in the mediation room will accomplish nothing.

Finding a lawyer with experience in child custody negotiations is a great idea. Going in for a few consultations will allow a person to find out more about the lawyers in their area.