How to File For Worker’s Compensation

When someone is injured on the job, they often feel overwhelmed. Being out of work and facing medical bills is frightening. Thankfully, some laws protect injured workers, providing wage replacement and medical benefits. Knowing how to go through the process is vital for helping injured workers to be prepared.

Steps Involved in Filing For Worker’s Compensation

There are a few different steps involved in filing for worker’s compensation. Knowing the steps helps injured workers to avoid delays and unfair denials that sometimes occur because the right steps are not followed.

  • The first step an injured worker needs to take is to inform their employer of the injury. In some states, waiting too long to report an injury will lead to a forfeiture of benefits. Prompt reporting is key to getting the process started.
  • Once the report has been made to the employer, the employer is responsible for reporting the injury to their insurance company. Failure to notify the injury is against the law and could result in legal action.
  • The insurance company will contact the injured worker and may require them to give an injury statement. It is essential the worker provides only the facts and does not provide any erroneous information.
  • The injured worker will likely be asked to see the insurance company’s doctor, so a diagnosis and prognosis are obtained. Failure to comply with this request could result in a denial of benefits.
  • The insurance company and employer have a limited time to respond to the injury claim and provide approval or denial. If a denial is given, a reason must also be provided.
  • If an injured worker receives a denial, they have the right to appeal. It is helpful for wounded workers to hire an attorney to help them with the appeal’s process.

Get Legal Help Today

Injured workers have rights afforded to them under the law. To learn more about how an attorney helps injured workers, visit With a consultation, you can learn how the attorney will help you get worker’s compensation benefits. There is no reason to fight alone when there is legal help available.