Heavy Machine Moving Services Make Sure Equipment Is Transported Safely

The sight of cranes, bulldozers, and backhoes is a common one in Pennsylvania construction zones, especially during the warm-weather months when contractors scramble to get jobs completed before the snow flies. People are generally familiar with earth-moving and material-moving equipment, but somebody has to transport that heavy machinery to the job site. That requires heavy machine moving services by companies with the equipment, skills, and experience to do this intricate work safely.

Manufacturing Equipment

These companies move other kinds of heavy machinery as well. Manufacturing plants commonly use very large machines for building, material handling, sorting, and other activities. Much of this equipment is too tall, unwieldy, or heavy to transport in an enclosed trailer hauled by a semi-truck. Instead, flatbed trailers are used, and the load is thoroughly secured so it can safely be moved along the highway.

Equipment Components

In some cases, large components that are put together to build even larger equipment must be transported this way. Many people have seen modular homes being carried in two pieces on separate flatbed trailers, for example. In business, there may be cost savings for certain equipment to be partially built at the manufacturing plant and then put together at the customer’s job site. Moving services by an organization such as A & A Machinery are necessary to carry the large, separate components.

Large Tractors and Other Agricultural Machinery

Agricultural equipment also must sometimes be hauled this way. Farmers are allowed to drive slow-moving tractors pulling various kinds of machinery for a short distance on the road. However, when they order very large tractors and other machinery, those products must be delivered instead of having someone drive a tractor to the location.

Many kinds of heavy equipment used in agriculture have been modified to be more useful in road construction or in earth moving for constructing buildings. For instance, tractor-scraper combination equipment is frequently seen in construction zones. Some of the biggest names in heavy equipment are found in both industries. No matter what type of transport is needed by a business enterprise, experts in heavy machinery moving can do the job.