Identifying And Addressing Emotional Abuse In Nursing Homes

If an individual is unable to care for their needs or has an underlying medical condition that makes it difficult to remain mobile, family members may not have the means to take care of their family member and may turn to a nursing home for assistance.

Because some residents of nursing homes have been subjected to emotional abuse, the following tips will help identify a potential problem and resolve an emotionally abusive situation.

Visit A Loved One Regularly And Speak To Caregivers

A resident of a nursing home should be visited regularly so that family members are aware of how their loved one is doing. If someone isn’t used to living away from their family, their spirits may be lifted during visits and they will be reassured that their family cares for them.

During visits, family members should speak to caregivers so that they are aware of their loved one’s current condition and can be advised if a resident has been experiencing problems with their living arrangement.

Acquire A Schedule And Address Concerns

Family members should request a schedule that includes information about daily activities that their loved one participates in. Some cases associated with emotional abuse in nursing homes include situations where loved ones are isolated and do not interact with others on a daily basis.

If there are a lot of residents in a care facility, there may not be enough staff members to care for everyone and some of the residents may be neglected. In other cases, residents are spoken to in a harsh manner or are belittled by staff members. Concerns should be addressed immediately with the director of a living facility.

Find Alternate Housing And Meet With An Attorney

If a resident tells their family members that they are being abused or if individuals notice that their loved one is withdrawn and appears to be scared of caregivers in a living facility, locating alternate housing is an option to consider.

If abuse is evident, an attorney who handles abuse cases should be contacted. An attorney will investigate allegations and present their findings to a judge. Victims of abuse may be compensated and guilty parties who harmed someone will be punished for the crime that they committed.