The Most Popular ERP Features Every Company Should Utilize

Most entrepreneurs don’t start a business out a love for compiling and reading reports and managing the day to day activities of a company. Despite this, that is what most end up spending as much as 80 percent of their time doing. Rather than making the management of an organization overly complicated, consider utilizing enterprise resource planning software that will streamline and simplify the process. Here is a quick look at the most popular erp features no company should be without.

Customized Access Levels

Most ERP systems contain a significant amount of sensitive information regarding a company’s financial records, proprietary manufacturing processes, and in most cases human resources information. It is crucial to keep this data secure, and a software package that offers customizable levels of access will ensure that an employee will only be privy to information that pertains to their role. This keeps data safe and out of the wrong hands.

Collaboration Tools

It is more important than ever for employees to be able to work together on various projects, and the number of people it may take to process something as simple as a contract can be alarming. ERP software that is combined with collaboration tools will make it quick for the various departments within a company to work on projects in tandem, which can make it easier to meet deadlines and allow an office to run more efficiently.

Cloud-Based Server

Mobile phones and tablets allow employees to gain access to information anywhere they have a reliable cellular data connection. ERP software that is stored on a cloud-based server will make sure that departments will be able to access the information they need no matter where their job may take them. It will also keep the information safe, and prevent a loss of data in the event of a physical intrusion or natural disaster.

It can be overwhelming to oversee the operations of a company, but the right software can make it easy. Check out the software available from Technology Evaluation Centers and see how an owner can save money and invest more time in the things that matter most.