Laser Cutters for Small Businesses

Design trends these days include cut outs from materials. Everything from wedding invitations and metal candle holders to lamp shades, benches, and fencing feature cut out designs. That design can be animals, scenery, intricate scrolls, or interesting patterns, among hundreds of other things. Small businesses that offer cutting or engraving services can create a niche that allows them to stand out from the competition.


Custom designs can be downloaded to an affordable laser cutter to create unique stationary, letterhead, or invitations. That couple who met at the motorcycle club charity event may decide they want his and hers bikes cut out at the top of their wedding invitations. Those will not be found on a store shelf, or even online.

The local engraving shop can produce those invitations, if the owner has invested in a Boss Ls-1630 professional grade and high precision cutter that is the perfect size. It could also offer custom cutting on metals, glass, acrylics, wood, and other materials. The potential for attracting new customers is high. Trophies for the local high school sports teams, banners for the next community fair, and custom gifts for that non-profit organization can all be made at that small business location.

Other Cutters

A desk top laser cutter has also been designed and engineered for artists, hobbyists, and individuals interested in do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. This model, the Boss Ls-1416, has an open table to accommodate projects of varying sizes. It can cut and engrave most materials and is also affordable.

Easy to understand “how to” videos are available on the website. Lifetime technical support is offered to help customers get the most from their investment. Large machines and CNC cutters are also offered for large companies and industrial uses. Software can be pre-installed and the machines also have the capacity to cut or engrave images from downloaded files.

Read Reviews

There are a few major manufacturers of laser, water jet, and plasma cutters. Independent reviews can help customers decide which brand to consider. Reviews are posted by customers who have purchased a cutter and include positives and any weaknesses. Potential customers can get a realistic idea of what the machine has to offer, and how it works.