The Reasons Companies Decide to Outsource a Professional Search

A Professional search for vacant positions takes time and skill. There are interviews to conduct, backgrounds to verify, and new searches to launch if needed. Leaving most of the work to a recruiting agency saves companies time and money. It also prevents them from being overwhelmed with hundreds of applicants for one management or executive vacancy.

Access to Immediate Resources

Another reason is that recruiting agencies have data bases that contain potential candidates who are readily available. That expedites the process of filling the position. These candidates have already be interviewed, passed background checks, and have registered with the agency. That is the first place recruiters look for ideal candidates

It is possible that a new search will not be needed. A list of candidates will be presented to the company quickly so final interviews can be scheduled. Filling middle and top level positions as soon as possible is important for companies. These vacancies left open too long will impact the leadership of the company and interfere with the ability to compete.

Retaining an Agency

A top ranked agency will often be retained by major companies. That means all vacancies will be handled exclusively by one agency. This is a strategy to fill future vacancies fast and minimize the exposure of a vacancy. Competition is fierce and appearing vulnerable is not ideal for business.

Agencies that are retained have an excellent success rate, provide top talent, and find a perfect fit for the company that leads to a long placement tenure. That means the company will be less likely to have high turnover in key positions. The consistency is a benefit on many levels, so it is worth it to place an agency on retainer.


Once the vacancy is common knowledge in the industry, other companies will move quickly to take full advantage. The competition may use the opportunity to announce a new line of products, generate interest in the latest version of an electronic, or launch a product to improve sales and brand recognition.

Conducting searches has to be completed discretely to avoid a lot of attention. Recruiting agencies understand the situation and respond accordingly. Yet another reason why companies decide to outsource searches rather than conduct them in-house.