More Than Just 911: Your Phone In An Emergency

A cell phone is an invaluable tool that more than 90 percent of the population in the United States now owns. Cell phones aren’t just useful for sending text messages to friends and family or checking times for the next movie showing, however. Wireless phones are valuable tools that can be used in the most serious and dangerous situations. More Than Just 911: Your Phone In An Emergency helps owners understand the best ways to use their cell phones when they find themselves in a serious situation.

Medical help can be more extensive

While using a cell phone to dial 911 is the best way to get needed help as quickly as possible, there are times when the situation isn’t truly an emergency. If speed is important but information isn’t otherwise available, a cell phone app like iTriage can help family members determine what is leading to medical symptoms and how they should be treated. First Aid apps from a number of different sources, including the American Red Cross, provide clear and concise information to help family members or friends deal with many different types of emergencies. Medical apps also make it easier to share personal medical information important to personnel treating accident or illness victims.

Tracking apps help keep families together

Many people have a rather negative view of GPS tracking apps, but there are times when these apps play an important role in keeping families together during emergencies. Well-known apps help monitor the whereabouts and safety of children and teens, but other kinds of emergency apps can alert all family members to a serious situation. A family member might suddenly become ill or need to go to the hospital, for instance. A tracking apps can let everyone affected know what steps are being taken. These apps also provide instant information on more general emergencies, such as weather conditions, that might require quick response to get to a safe location.

Automobile accidents can be handled more efficiently

When drivers are in a car accident, they often aren’t thinking clearly. The process of exchanging information with other drivers or witnesses and contacting necessary law enforcement personnel can be a real chore. A cell phone app like iWrecked gives drivers a place to save their own information concerning drivers license and insurance information as well as providing a place to collect data related to a specific accident.