Seeking an Appeal with the Assistance of a Defense Lawyer Near Tulsa

There are many reason’s for people hiring a defense attorney. Chief among them is helping someone answer criminal charges. However, there are other instances when a defense attorney may be needed, especially when someone who has been convicted with a crime is looking to register an appeal. In these situations, there’s no better person to have as an advocate than a defense lawyer near Tulsa.

Appealing a Conviction

The thing to remember is that something as seemingly routine as seeking out grounds for appeal of a conviction can be a tall task. Contrary to what people may know about appeals, thanks to TV or movies, the appeals process isn’t open to just anyone who want to appeal a conviction. There is specific criteria that has to be met before the courts will consider a petition for appeal.

Grounds for Appeal

In Oklahoma, in order to be granted an appeal, new evidence must be presented. If no new evidence is available, a defense attorney will have to prove that the prosecuting attorney made crucial errors or participated in misconduct. There may be evidence that was disallowed and a defense attorney can work to have that evidence seen; in these cases, an appeal may be granted. There are even times when a convicted person can argue that their defense team was incompetent and did not offer the proper amount of legal services.

Proving an Appeal is Warranted

In any of these situations, to present the courts with satisfactory evidence that an appeal is warranted, it will likely require the services of a dedicated defense attorney. The leg work these attorneys will do to prove incompetence, misconduct, to unearth new evidence or work to have excluded evidence introduced is crucial.

Defense attorneys are extremely helpful when defending you against criminal charges. If you or someone close to you has been convicted of a crime and you feel they are entitled to an appeal, the services of a defense attorney are imperative. If you’d like to learn more about the appeals process or you want to know if your case or that of a friend or family member may qualify for an appeal, you will need to consult with a defense attorney as soon as possible.